Areal beach

This beach hosts national surfing events and is ideal for this sport. As its name suggests, it has a long stretch of sand. This makes it extremely peaceful, even at the height of the high season.

Areia Branca beach

One of the region’s main tourist attractions, this beach has all you need to while away your time relaxing. With a varied range of options from mini-golf to surfing and body-boarding classes, it is the perfect place for those in search of fun and entertainment. Restaurants, bars and outdoor terraces complement the amenities on offer.

Caniçal beach

South of Paimogo beach is the ideal place for all those wishing to enjoy long moments of contact with nature. It is also a popular spot for fishing.

Paimogo beach

This bay, surrounded by natural beauty and protected by the seventeenth-century Paimogo Fort, has a small sandy beach where the calm sea invites you to take a refreshing bathe. The ideal beach for underwater exploration and fishing, sports fishing and still today a popular spot for anglers. The bay provides a haven for many boats. The low tide reveals the old fish ponds, testimony to an activity now extinct.

Peralta beach

The natural beauty of the approach conceals an even more beautiful and extensive stretch of sand, an invitation to take long walks along the water’s edge. This beach is an important historical site, as it was here that the galleon São Nicolau, commanded by General Tristão de Mendonça, was wrecked in 1642.

Porto das Barcas beach

This beach enjoys an exceptional location and the sea is generally calm. Here you can still see small fishing boats and leisure craft plying their trade. Porto das Barcas also has one of the highest concentrations of fish ponds in Europe.

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