How to reach Lourinhã

By car:

Coming from the North

Take the A1;
Immediately after the Pombal service station, leave the highway, following the signs for Pombal;
Get on to the A 17 and continue via the A8 in the direction of Lisbon;
Once on the A8, get on to the IP6 – in the direction of Peniche;
Drive for about 8km and get off the IP6, following the signs for Lourinhã – Atouguia da Baleia;
Keep going straight for approximately 15 km, until you reach Lourinhã.

Coming from the South

Go towards the A8;
Once on the A8, exit at the first sign for Lourinhã (after two signs for Torres Vedras – “Torres Vedras Sul” and “Torres Vedras Centro”);
Keep driving straight for about 20km, until you reach Lourinhã.

By Bus

The following transport companies will be able to provide you with information and schedules for buses to Lourinhã:

Rede Expressos - Rodoviários da Estremadura
Lourinhã - Tel: 261 422 028
Praia da Areia Branca - Tel: 261 414 885
24 Hour Information Service: 707 223 344

Rodoviária do Tejo, S.A.
Tel: 967 449 867

Tel: 217 511 600 Fax: 217 511 670

Timetable information
Tel: 261 334 150 Fax: 217 334 152

By Train

The closest railway station to Lourinhã is that of Torres Vedras, which is about 18km away. You can consult the CP timetables at the following website:
The Transports page has information about the best alternatives for getting from Torres Vedras to Lourinhã.

Edifício dos Paços do Concelho
Praça José Máximo da Costa
2534-500 Lourinhã
Tel: 261 410 166
Fax: 261 410 108



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