Paimogo Fort 

Paimogo Fort, classified as a Site of Public Interest, is situated on the cliffs of Paimogo beach.

It was built in 1674 by order of D. António Luís de Menezes, Count of Cantanhede, also known as the Marquis of Marialva, the hero of the Restoration wars.

Its special mission was to defend the beach of the same name, in order to prevent enemy troops from landing at such an easily accessible place.

It is a small fort with bulwarks, of baroque military architecture and rectangular design. It has cylindrical sentry boxes with conical roofs.

This fort was part of the second fortified line of defence that began at the fortress of Peniche and extended as far as the Tagus sand bar.

It is an almost unique example of a post-Restoration fortification with no architectural alterations. The end of the Civil War brought to an end the fort of Nossa Senhora dos Anjos de Paimogo’s mission as a maritime fortification.

Coordinates: 39.287324, -9.340808


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