Church and Convent of Santo António 

Classified as a National Monument, the Convent of Santo António belonged to the Franciscan Order and was founded in 1598.

The convent originally consisted of a small church and a few retreat houses. On 17 November 1601, extension and restoration work began. This lasted several years due to the size and volume of the building and the financial difficulties facing the friars.

After this work, the church and convent took on the characteristics that we can appreciate today.

The cloister is rectangular in shape and on two storeys. The upper one is supported all around by columns in the Tuscan style, with pillars at the four corners. The walls of the lower storey are entirely covered by eighteenth-century tile panelling.

The church of the Convent of Santo António is characterised on the outside by the sobriety and simplicity of the building. On the main façade, facing northwest, you will notice the porch with its triangular pediment displaying the Cross of Christ, above which you can admire the eye window. To the right of the main façade are the buttresses and two projections that make up the chapels. Adorning the building on the wall to the left of the façade stands the bell tower, which was once very useful as it was the town’s only clock.

The altar pediment and the side walls are covered with tiles, those on the side walls depicting scenes from the life of St. Anthony: to the right we see the Preaching to the Fish and to the left the Miracle of the Mule.

Coordinates: 39.242624, -9.312938


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