Santa Maria do Castelo Church


The mother church of the parish of Lourinhã, dedicated to St. Mary and known as the church of Santa Maria do Castelo, is a late fourteenth-century Gothic monument. It was built in two stages, the first attributed to D. Jordan, Lourinhã’s first donee, and the second to D. Lourenço Vicente, Archbishop of Braga and a native of Lourinhã, and its donee.

The plan comprises one central and two side naves and a polygonal apse. The central nave, higher and wider than the side naves, is separated from them by eight very fine ogive arches supported by monolithic columns three metres in height. These are crowned with marvellous capitals decorated with vegetable motifs, all different.

You can also admire the octagonal baptismal font. Carved on its sides are two crosses in a circle and a five-pointed star.

There is a rose window above the main door and an eye window where the triumphal arch opens up.

The church was classified as a National Monument by Decree No. 8218, of 29 June 1922.

Visits for groups require advance booking:
Tourist Office of Lourinhã
Telephone: +351 261 410 127

Coordinates: 39.243089, -9.315419


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