Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição - Moita dos Ferreiros

The parish of Nossa Senhora da Conceição must have been founded in the second half of the seventeenth century, more specifically in 1689, the date found carved on the vault and tomb near the high altar of the mother church. This contains the following inscription: “Vault and tomb of Simão do Reguo and his wife Maria Mendes and their heirs given by the Archbishop of Lisbon and Chaplain of the King and of his Council of State. Year of 1689. Veritas.”

Over the years the original design of this church underwent alterations, concluded in the twentieth century with the building of the last bell tower. Simão Reguo, who may have been responsible for building the first church, came from an Óbidos family whose members in the late fourteenth century held high positions in the town and were among the richest landowners. The Rego family built the present church on the same site as the first, but much larger.

There also used to be a “Veiga Rego” palace in the neighbourhood, and it is still possible to see one of its walls decorated with beautiful tiles.

Coordinates: 39.248342, -9.223681


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