Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia 

The space now occupied by the Sanctuário em Honra de Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia was, according to tradition, the site where Our Lady appeared in 1182 at a nearby spring known as the rastinho (footprint). It is so called due to a niche with the image of Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia, in blue and white tiles, which at its base has a stone tablet on which the shapes of her two feet are carved. Devotees used to throw water from the spring over the feet of Our Lady and then washed their eyes with it. This devotion still continues today and she is much revered in the village.

From remote times various villages far from the parish have organised pilgrimages, coming here on 7 September every year to worship Our Lady and join the annual fair on 8 September. The origin of this date is not known, as it goes back such a long way, but it continues to be observed today on the land surrounding and belonging to the chapel.

Coordinates: 39.263683, -9.207058


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