Lourinhã on Foot

- The starting-point is Praça José Máximo da Costa, in front of the council building. This is also the best place to park.

- Head for Largo D. Lourenço Vicente and visit the Convento de Santo António.

- Go to the Lourinhã Tourist Office in Largo António Granjo where you will be given a warm welcome along with a map of the town and the municipality.

- Go next to the start of Rua João Luís de Moura and pay a visit to the Lourinhã Museum, better known as the Dinosaur Museum. This is a must.

- Follow Rua da Misericórdia uphill. Just halfway up this street on the right you can’t fail to notice the Manueline portal of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia building.

- At the top of this street you will find some steps leading to the fourteenth-century Igreja do Castelo.
After visiting this monument, be sure to climb up to the viewpoint at Alto do Cruzeiro and enjoy the fine countryside overlooking the town of Lourinhã and its surroundings.

- Walk down Rua Dr. Adriano Franco, turn right and go up Travessa dos Valados. You will come to one of the Lourinhã windmills. Characteristic features of the municipality, and representing a unique heritage, these windmills are viewpoints from which you can gaze out over the surrounding landscape, and also reminders of the past.

- Finish your tour by discovering Lourinhã’s historical streets – walk through them as far as Rua João Luís de Moura and Largo D. Lourenço Vicente.

- Take the opportunity to make a few purchases in the traditional shops and revive your energies with a regional sweet or cake.

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