PR2 - Across the Cesaredas Plateau

This trail is marked with signs all along the route, in both directions, as per the norms of the Portuguese Camping and Mountaineering Federation. It passes through five hamlets in three parishes of the Lourinhã council district, starting and ending near the Handicraft Centre and Museum of Reguengo Grande. 
However, since the trail is a circuit, one can begin walking at any one of the towns through which the trail passes.

While walking along the trail, you will be able to visit the Museum and Handicraft Centre at Reguengo Grande and will traverse the Cesaredas Plateau, one of the most distinctive and well-known landscapes of the southern part of the district. 
The Cesaredas Plateau consists primarily of limestone dating back about 140 million years and is an extension of the Aire/ Montejunto hill system. It is also a space that history, legend and popular traditions have associated intimately with camping activities, from Caesar’s armies to royal hunting parties. It was the backdrop for clandestine trysts such as the star-crossed romance between King Pedro I and Dona Inês de Castro.


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