The Lourinhã district is one of the most representative when it comes to windmills, which despite no longer playing the active role in the economy they once did, are still without doubt important heritage to the centuries old traditions of our people.

At Alto da Pinhoa, in the Moita dos Ferreiros region, you can enjoy a close-up experience of five windmills which were fully restored in April, 2000.

Three of them are still in operation while one has been transformed into a bar (currently not open to the public) and another is used as a holiday home.

It is even possible to chat to the miller and his wife, simple and friendly people who’ll happily open the door to the central mill and show you it in operation (with a little help from the wind, of course!), and they’ll explain how it works. Fascinating for both children and adults. You’ll be able to see the two different grinding systems, one for corn and another for wheat, which use different types of stone in the grinding process. You can learn how to grade the grain of the floor and how to operate each of the mill stones.
A real journey back in time and just a short drive from Lisbon.

If you are planning to visit on a Sunday, we suggest that after you see the windmills, you go down to Moita dos Ferreiros and head for the church. It is on Sundays, supposedly a day of rest, that volunteers from the community get together to work and with gifts of a few bags of wheat and corn flour made by the windmills together with some local spicy sausage and pork scratchings, skilled hands mould and create tasty bread, corn bread and rolls with spicy sausage and pork scratchings.

At 10.00 a notice is put up near the church stating “Hot Bread and Rolls with Spicy Sausage” which soon start rolling out of the church’s wood fired oven, using the same techniques of times gone by, and with the same incredible taste. Any profit goes directly to parish charities.

This is a public area and all are welcome to visit.

Visits to the Windmills:
Junta de Freguesia da Moita dos Ferreiros: +351 261 459 484 / +351 919 314 074
Vera Silva (Moinho do Chico): +351 912 713 514

July and August - Mondays, wednesdays and saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.


Coordinates: 39.249297, -9.238275

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